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The quality of the air in your home is closely tied to the quality of your duct system. If your ductwork has leaks, or if your air ducts are not properly insulated, you will most likely come across problems such as inconsistent indoor temperatures, mold growth inside the ductwork, and high energy bills (particularly in the winter and summertime).

If you think your indoor air quality problem is due to issues with your duct system, contact our team at AmBient Heating and Air for an inspection. We provide professional air duct solutions that include duct repair, replacement, and air sealing.

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Airflow Testing

Struggling with low airflow? Not getting enough cool or warm air in certain areas of your home? Let our experts help you get to the bottom of the problem with professional airflow diagnostics. This will involve conducting a static pressure test to point us towards the affected areas in your ductwork.

Once we have located the source of your airflow problem and have a better idea of what’s causing the issue, we will present you with options for air duct repair or air sealing.

Cumming HVAC Professional | Cumming AmBient Heating and Cooling
Cumming HVAC Professional | Cumming AmBient Heating and Cooling

What Causes Ductwork Problems?

Homeowners who come to us with air duct issues typically experience the following problems: inefficient heating or cooling; temperature discrepancies; poor indoor air quality; and trouble lowering their utility bill. A thorough inspection by our HVAC professionals will identify the cause of the problem.

Poorly insulated ductwork: If the ductwork in your home is not insulated properly (or without insulation at all), your duct system can start to develop condensation, which can result in mold growth or rusting. A lack of insulation can also cause inconsistent indoor temperatures and lead to high energy bills.

Leaking ductwork: The typical home can lose up to a third of its indoor air to leaks in the duct system. When this happens, your air conditioner and heating equipment will end up working harder to continue providing the desired indoor temperature. As a result of the extra strain, your HVAC equipment will experience recurring problems and fail much sooner than expected.

Airflow imbalances: Open seams in the ductwork or poorly sized air ducts can lead to airflow imbalances.

No matter what’s causing you to experience airflow problems, our experts will make sure the source of the problem is identified and resolved so you can finally enjoy whole-home comfort.

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Our experts will always take the time to carefully inspect your ductwork and diagnose your air duct problem before working on your system. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate solutions and ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

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